Mailbox Delivery Indicator

Mailbox Delivery Indicator
(U.S. Patent Pending)

The Product

It's a simple, durable "bolt on" assembly and in today's economy, an inexpensive way to stop one of our many aggravations.

Consisting of all metal parts, like the good old days, it will probably outlast your mailbox. This indicator mounts to any size, standard rural metal mailbox & can be customized to fit most any street or curbside mailbox. Installs in minutes. But realistically, most people will need about 1/2 hr, to collect the needed tools & install it.

Simply put, a red painted steel mast (flag) mounted on the outside rear of your mailbox rises when the door has been opened. The "counterweighted" end of the flag will then drop by gravity to the vertical position, alerting you mail has arrived by raising the flag to where you can see it above the mailbox. Not much can go wrong using gravity as a operational force, right?

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